Worn out

Worn out
But I still reign

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bobby McFerrin Sings with Audience Member (I Can See Clearly Now)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The visit

On Saturday, May 24th, 2014 
I got to go see my grandbabies
We went and got them all coloring books and crayons and candy
Then , with butterflies in my stomach
I leapt outta the car and ran up to their apt
Ryder and Rhowynn met me on the stairs
I scooped them into my arms and planted wet kisses on them
Ryder stuck a little poofy butterfly on my shoulder
And that has got to be one of the Best things
Ever in my life to happen to me
I didnt stay too long but long enough
To hold my babies and see for myself how happy
Their little family is
Really, Im so grateful to be able to see them
They mean the world to me
My heart was full and I felt content
Grandkids will do that to you.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I wish this was my life.

I wish this was My Life...
Somehow or other, I struck it rich!
I mean RICH!!..Like dollar bills coming out my ass!
Id have this huge house built to my liking and 
My mans liking too
Id gather up my three sons and their girls and 
My mans daughters and their men
And Id tell them To build their dream house
Without concern for costs, and then go to a
Dealership of their choice and pick out the
Automobile of their liking, and have them send the 
Bill to my accountant
But, before anything happens, I need all of them to 
Promise me something...
Promise me that every Sunday, with no exception,
They wil all gather at my home for Sunday Dinner.
Every Sunday. I mean every Fucken Sunday!!
No excuses, No protests, Just be there.
Leave Sundays open for moms.
When I have their promises, thats when Id be truley happy.
The whole world could go to pot
The Bank could take me for everything we got
I could be diagnosed with a rare and fatal illness
I wouldnt give a shit!
So long as I knew thAt I knew
Come Sunday Ima have all my babies here with me.
Thats all that would really matter.
I wish this was my life
Because when your kids grow up
They leave and you got nothing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Those little voices...

Last night was just an ordinary night
That is, until i heard those little voices...
Suddenly the night was extraordinary! fantastic! beautiful!
My little grandbabies telephoned me and
Instantaneously brought JOY back into living!
Its as beautiful thing to hear a little tiny voice late at night
Say, "Hello?, Granny?"
Oh man!!
My little granddaughter suddenly had this vocabulary
I hadnt imagined, so grown up!
When her dad gave her the phone to say goodnight to me,
He said, "say goodnight, rhowynn.."
Suddenly she grabs the phone and I hear her say, 
"Goodnight Rhowynn!"
I couldnt stop laughing!! So innocent, she didnt even know why 
That was funny.
All it took was one phone call and it felt as if time had never lapsed
Between us.
My little grandbabies mean the world to me.
I didnt hear from the littlest one, Harlow, but I thought I heard
Her  yelling in the background.
Nevertheless, those little voices made my entire week!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Waiting to be DEAD

Where can I turn
When theres no one that I can turn to
Who can I beleive
When theres no one to beleive in
There must be something thats just wrong
Inside my head
Feels like Im waiting to be deAD

Where is the Love
Im not feeling in my heart
Where is the truth
Its still hiding in the dark
They say Gods out there somewhere
But I beleive in stead
Im just waiting to be dead.

From the movie The Afflicted about Abuse to the worst degree

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life is an Adventure

If I were to die today
I would have no regrets
Life has been an adventure
Life has been a lesson
Everything I thought about doing...I did
I lack nothing
If I were to die today
I will be remembered in many different ways
For many different titles I held
In my twenties I launched a fashion line
Comparable to Versace, Gucci and Prada
In my thirties I was a Hi-Tu Ninjei in the 
Province of Shi-tu more elusive than the Yaya Boa
In my forties I was a Mercenary in Pakistan
Until the fourth regime claimed power and victory
In my fifties I was deemed Top Dog 
On the Forbes List
In my sixties I was through...
I willingly accepted the label of Recluse
And closed my door to the world outside
In my seventies I never made a peep
In my eighties I liquified black licorice
And I floated atop it every single day
In my nineties I still climbed four flights of stairs
Every night just to hear my heart beat
In my hundreds they found me
Dead. Again.