Marillyn Monroe

Marillyn Monroe

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lies!..LIES!..and more Lies

Does anybody tell the truth?
The 100% truth?
Can anyone be honest?
Totally honest?
All these half truths and 
Part truths and
Almost truths suck!!
Just when you go against your own
Beliefs and decide reluctantly to believe
A person's being honest, 
BAM!!..a slap in your face!
They lied...again.
All the effort they put into claiming
Their honesty was a Lie.
A lie.
A dam lie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Regret Will Not Be Mine

I packed away most of 
My possessions that adorned the walls
And this bedroom.
I packed up the clothes that I won't be wearing
In the next week or so.
I organized other things I own in boxes, baskets,
And drawers.
I called ahead for the help ill be needing
Moving my stuff out.
And now ill finally do it.
I don't know if I was dreading change
Or avoiding succumbing to failure
Or holding out for a miraculous transformation
Of a man who is anything but.
Whatever it was, it's been and it's done.
I will move forward with no regrets.
When I found myself defending my character
To a man who is unfaithful and deceitful
It was like a slap in my face.
I'm important here, I'm the one to be valued
And I'm fighting for my own self worth?
This is done.
Life is too short.

Inch of Sense

I've learned this...
When someone indulges your
Every whim..desire..need..habit..addiction..
It's not out of some glorious love and
Devotion to you..
It's merely their grooming process.
It's a lure..trap..snare..
If it is anything.
Once they feel your dependence on them
Is at a certain level
They use that as a method to Control.
Almost like dangling a bag of dope in front of
A drug addict
So you unwillingly comply at first
And before you know it, you're 
Compromising your beliefs and values
You hardly recognize yourself in the mirror
The abuse it emotional/physical
And you don't even leave.
You live pretending shit ain't happening
Stuck. Stuck.  So stuck.
Looking stupid.
Hopefully you have an inch of sense left
And you leave.
They won't mourn you...
They just move on to the next one that they've
Been doing all along anyway.
How do I know this?..
Because this is me.
And I have an inch of sense left.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Living Word

Not too long ago I was just coasting
Thru day turned into the next and
I couldn't even recall one productive thing
I'd done..
I just felt like I had no purpose, really.
Then...I dragged my stepson along to our towns
Annual Christmas parade.
It's held at night and the main street is dimly lit
So, suffice it to say, we could barely see 
Whatever was parading on by...
Sitting on the curb, I was sipping a beer
When suddenly some random guy tapped me
On the shoulder..
He was selling chocolates.
Before I bought one, I asked him what the cause was?
He said, "for The Living Word, an outreach type
He handed me a business card.
Little did I know that card was my ticket to
The following Monday I went there with my
Grandson and stepson, and I loved it.
I've been going ever since.
Now I found a purpose and I try to be involved
In any way I can.
The pastor is so down to earth and motivating
And the people there, so kind and genuine.
I gotta say I feel lucky, a lot of people in this
Don't get this chance.
God Bless You.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mixed Signals

Normally, in a relationship
You more or less know if your mate is being
You expect their denials, anger at confrontations
And their trying to "flip the script".
Rarely do you expect them to derive a sort of
At the accusation..
Sarcasm and pride.
If you did expect that reaction, you would have to
That they really are a horrible human being.
They're cruel and callous.
Your suspicions are heartbreaking
So why would they deliberately try to
Hurt you even more...
Could be that they actually don't give a dam!
They feel psychopaths.
Numb.. narcissistic.
Why hang on to that shit?
Everytime you've had enough, they don't let you
Mixed Signals.
It's easy to fall prey to that and stay stuck in that
Forever Wondering land.
It's not worth it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


It's always smiles and reassurances
And promises and swears
When someone who's proven to be
A LIAR in the past
Wants to "borrow" from you.
They'll give you a date, a time, an hour
As to when they're returning it
And even if their track record is fucked 
You really do want to think otherwise of them
Even though you shouldn't
Maybe not a hundred percent, but you do
And then it happens again.
Like it did a thousand times before.
And you knew just did.
Evenso, the worst part of the whole ordeal
Is that when they fail to come thru, you give them
An extra hour, then two, then three..
Even an extra day...then you call.
You know they're on their phone 24/7
So they see it's you calling...
That's like adding insult to injury.
Oh, they'll come around, they always do
But, how a person can be so Scandalous
Is unbelievable.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


My two month old applehead Chihuahua
Had a Near Death Experience...
He's like having a human newborn, so I was
Making macaroni salad.
Chapo was in the bedroom, whining...crying...
So I made a "sarong", tied it on my shoulder, 
Made sure it was snug and sturdy.
I put Chapo in it, then my hands were free to continue
The salad.
Well, I turned on the faucet to rinse celery and it
Must've scared him because like a little rat, he
Scurried up my chest and stood right on my shoulder
Bad Idea...
Next thing I knew, he threw up all down my back and then
Dropped head first onto the floor
He screamed for what seemed like a minute!
I panicked!!! OMG!!...
Did he break a leg?..Did he rupture his insides?..
I thought he might die.
So.... I called on my church family
And in minutes Chapo was in their car, being prayed over.
Thank God for small miracles.
I'm so glad we can call on prayer warriors in time of need.
Now 'll so thankful to the Lord for keeping him safe.