Marillyn Monroe

Marillyn Monroe

Monday, June 19, 2017

What the "F#$:"Ever!

I was walking the other day
And I thought to myself...
Why the #$@% am I walking?
Its HOT AS "F#$%@" outside
And Im walking...
Then I remembered my straw hat
Cowboy Strawhat..
And I had another thought...
So what??..
I got my hat aint that hot...
So I kept on walking...
I got to thinking..
Why do I care what anyone says?
Why do I care how anyone perceives me?
Why do I care what anyone thinks?
I said its stupid, really.
If I melt into a crowd, so what?
If I stand out all alone?
So What?..
I just gotta be Me.
Some people like me
Some people love me
Some people hate me
Most people don't even know me
And Im worried about them?...
What the "F$%#%" ever!!
Ill just keep walking
And walking...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Im NOT supposed to beThat Person

That woman
The one who walks across the street
To the Store everyday
At about the same time
Cuz its ok to drink after the noon hour
Shes looking pretty
Dressed up looking chic
Walking back across the street
With that brown paper bag
Holds a Tallie
And a straw...
Why everyday???
Why only one???
What is it for???
What does it do???
By the time she reaches her house
Shes looking forward to forgetting...
All the chores..the worries..the have-to-dos...
And maybe that first swig
Starts it all
And then she feels relieved
She doesn't even realize
That her ritual
Is her real problem...


Heres the
Thought for the Day
Does MUSIC move you?
Motivate you?
Antagonize you?
Bring you back to life?..
Does it make you yearn for a
Certain person?.....
It does me.
It does me good.
Music can take me back to the very day
The very hour..the very moment
The very Act...
Just one song
One tune
And Im back in that Love Moment
I play it over and over
Over and Over
If I was true to myself
I wouldn't have to depend
on Music
I would be in that moment
Over and Over

Monday, June 12, 2017

LIFE...Mine, not yours..but could be...

For me right now is confining
I do things I don't want to do
I don't do things I realy want to do
I put the handcuffs on my OWN self
I complain to the air
I vent to the ceilimg
And then I blame everybody else for the shit....

Chaos is whAT Im goOd at

I love it
I thrive on it
I suck it all in and revel in it
Kids will be kids
Its important they retain good memories
When I granddaughter Rhowynn
Breaks the eggs into a bowl
So whats a little bit of egg shell in your salad?
When I wash the granddaughter Harlow
Splashes water all over the floor and counter and stove
So whats a little bit of wetness on a hot summer day?
When I tend to my grandson Ryder roo
Drowns the radishes and digs up the tomatoes
So who gives a shit about homegrown vegetables anyway?
The Housewives of Atlanta are on TV
The grandkids are jumping from couch to couch
Drinking koolaid and placing their cups on the carpet
Chewing gum and after its stale, sticking it under the table
Its ChaOS!!!
UttEr CHAoS!!!
That's their job, its on their TO DO list,
Its their God given talent...
When you open your eyes and suddenly see
That Children are Gods gifts
Gifts of the material nature erode, vanish, disappear, and rot
Youlle be Good at Chaos too

Im doing Everything and Nothing

Im doing
Everything and Nothing...
What counts?...
I go back and forth
Where do I begin and where do I end?..
When do I stand still?
That's ME
No confidence
No self trust
No matter of fact...
I used to be HOT
Then I found the COLD
And now Im just...
What I don't like in others
I see in me
I am not one for DECISIONS
DONT count on me
Ill take it all back...
Ill agree
Either way...its fake.
The ONLY thing I do know
Is that
Im doing Everything and Nothing.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

3 Little Boys

Three little boys
Ive got three little boys
That have grown up to be men
Three men
Three men that I love with all my heart
Three men that each give me all the Love I need
If any one of the trio should perish...
Im gone.
Im dead.
We dont say I love you everyday
We dont see eachother  on the daily
We dont even call one another so often
But the BOND
Is there
God must have thought I was special
For it was HE
Who gave me these three little boys
So I could experience
Really IS.