Marillyn Monroe

Marillyn Monroe

Monday, January 26, 2015

Undercover Addict

This post is dedicated
To my wanna-be daughter in law...
You're pathetic
You're self absorbed and stupid
Look what you went and did NOW...
You fucked yourself big time.
You caused problems, thus, 
Cut your income off.
Your behavior is predictable
Routine and stupid
You always involve others
That don't know 
You're an undercover Drug Addict.
That way they can empathize with you
Pity you and side with you.
It's hilarious.
You post all this "poor little me" shit 
On social networks
In hopes of gaining sympathy.
Making yourself out to be
The victim, the long suffering faithful one
While your man is the one to blame
For everything bad in your life
Well, in case . You didn't know, 
You only come across as a stupid Bitch 
A vindictive scorned idiot.
People are laughing at you.
You're not that slick and they're 
Not that stupid!
Arguments with your man escalate
When you run out of pills.
That's when push comes to shove
And in your drug induced state of mind
You LIE, call the cops, call your bitchass dad
Your loudmouth mother, and every other
fucked up person you know
In an attempt to find an Ali 
So that you can remain
In your own delusional world
Maintaining that victim persona that's so important to you.
Then, the next day and many days after
You panic and call everyone
Trying to find your man
Regretting the shit 
You did, said and started.
Then, you're so retarded that you deny 
Trying to find him.
Stop already.
It's of no use
People see right thru you.
You are a Bona fide 
And other opiates 
Drug Addict. 
The fascade you live is about to become
Aww...boohoo bitch!!

Monday, December 29, 2014


It comes naturally to me.
I'm meant to be a caregiver I feel it comes
Naturally for me.
When I'm in a situation involving kids
We always :have a good time
I have the skills to draw kids to me.
This is a good thing
Even in nursing school I took a lot of pediatric patients
I loved, it.
I know how to listen. I treat them on their level.
Right now 
I'm babysitting my little grandpup
He's a handful but that's ok
I would say the hardest thing is 
Not giving in to giving h I m scraps or snacks.

So far it as been great.
I love animals.
He's on a strict routine that I have to abide to
And it's been .Working out.
I'm glad I'm trusted to care for this beloved dog

Friday, December 26, 2014

Did you have to die on Christmas??

Yesterday was Christmas
But, to us, your kids...
It was "the day Mom died."
Why'd you have to go and do that?
It was so much nicer to be able to refer to that day
As Christmas...just Christmas
Did you think we might forget about you?
You had to have known better.
You are unforgetable.
Dying on Christmas day like you did
Fucked it up for us
Because now we have to be happy
And sad
Even the grandkids that didnt know you
Have to feel that too.
Because they hear us talk and reminise about you
And they know this is not a 100%
Joyous occasion.
But, whatever!...Huh, mom?
Youre all that matters
Even in death.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2014
From the moment I awoke
My day was blessed.
The most wonderful gift of all was what my BF gave me...
A Beautiful Diamond engagement ring.
Really fragile and simple and so elegant.
For the past few days Ive been so sick.
Runny nose, stuffy nose, cough from hell, congestion!
All that and the body aches and pains mattered no more
Once I saw my ring.
I love it.
His family is traditional with the tamale making and stuff
And my family is not.
But, were all pretty close especially on this Holiday.
We gathered at my dads house and exchanged gifts and
Ate alot of good food.
It was such a joyful atmosphere
With my sons and nieces and sister and brother there.
Everyone jokes and tells stories of Christmas's past
And although my mom was foremost on all of our minds
Nobody spoke of her.
My dad was smiling and laughing and enjoying himself
So we just let him have that.
This is the day my mom died four years ago.
R.I.P. mom

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Here come the Rugrats!!

This past weekend
Was great, fun, nerve wrecking, and chaotic!
But I wouldnt have traded it for anything!
My three little rugrats arrived from out of town to spend the weekend with "Granny".
Their shyness of being in a different environment 
Wore off real fast!!
They were up and down, in and out, here and there
All day long.
I made noodles, scrambled eggs with ketsup, french toast sticks
And gave out pickles like they were going out of style!
They devoured pizza and left me the crusts!
It was noisy and utter chaos at times
And I loved every minute of it.
As soon as it was dark outside
We put on our pajamas and snuggled under the thick comforter
On my bed.
I slept with elbows in my face and cookie crumbs down my back
I loved it.
With children, its like every minute of your time is theirs.
If you try to read a book, they want to know what youre reading
If youre on the phone, they wanna talk too
If you try to sneak outside to steal a puff of a cigarette
Theyre flying around trying to find shoes, any shoes
So they can come out with you
So you pass on the smoke.
And then when its time to take them back home
It feels sad.
So you sing silly songs all the way and say silly things
And you tell them how much you love them
And how much you want them to come back soon.
Once you pull into the parking lot of their apartment
They just perk up and start scrambling out of the car
Hurrying to see Mommy and Daddy.
Its all so worth it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Lonliness

It seems as if I been all wrapped up
In my own life
So much so that Ive forgotten
What this time of the year must be like for 
My Dad.
He called me like two days in a row
With really nothing to say
So we made small talk.
I said to him that Id be over to visit him
Later never came.
The following day I did go over 
And I stayed a while
Just me my dad and my youngest son.
We sat together by the Christmas tree
Watched tv and drank coffee...
It was nice
Im thinking to myself that just because
I went over and stayed a while
Doesnt mean I did my "duty", if you will
And Im good now for the week
No, I need to do that  as much as possible
Especially at this time of year
When he must be missing my mom
The most
She died on Christmas Day.
My mom with my son and daughterinlaw

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I tend to smile
 To hide the pain
Im laughing while
 My heart is slain.

I want to talk
 So I wont cry
I need to walk
 Cuz I cant fly.

I take your hand
 So you will lead
There I stand
 After youve fleed.

I try to hide
 Myself within
Where Ive died
 I now begin.